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There have been people who have been able to keep Apple Pie Moonshine for several years without it going bad.
That kind of booze should be saved for stripping varnish or paint off old cabinets.
And what I love most about it is that using a good whiskey still will always get the best aroma for you.
Can you send me ur moonshine recipe or repost it please and ur peach shine recipe too.
All the recipes I read talk about simmering for 60 minutes for immediate satisfaction or 20 minutes if your willing to let it sit and age.
Im a motorcycle club member looking for a apple pie shine distributor in OKC area.
The packing material increases final proof by causing a slight natural reflux action .
We were fortunate enough to find ourselves in the middle of a jam fueled by a couple jars of peach shine.
It is also legal to distill essential oils without the use of alcohol as a solvent.
The thing to keep in mind is that there are federal and state laws regarding home distilling.
Some products are comprised entirely of flavored neutral grain while other products blend neutral grain products with products distilled using traditional methods.
More common images would be a bottle of pills or a container of commercial cough syrup.
A lot of folks ask us how our copper moonshine still kits are different from traditional pot stills.
Moonshiners touches on the history of stock car racing and its connection with illegal liq.
I know that Appl Pie usually has Everclear or some other type of grain alcohol in it which is pretty hefty stuff.
I was wondering about making something like this but with strawberry or some other fruit flavor.
You want to get all the syrup out of the fruit and each time you do this you get a sweeter product.
Now just pour it into some Mason Jars and let it sit for a couple of weeks in a cool dark place.
I bought some of the powdered instant cider that seems to only be available this time of year.
AM Ive had some that taste like apple pie but this recipe turned out more like liquored up apple cider.
PM Ive had some that taste like apple pie but this recipe turned out more like liquored up apple cider.
Only cider I could find was a little dark and so the finished product was not as clear and appealing as a clearer cider makes it.
Then I bring it all to a quick boil and immediately pour it into a 5 gallon drink cooler.
Then I add a quart of sweet feed sour mash triple distilled uncut likker and stir.
I let it sit a day or so then poured the juices off into the first jar and repeated the process a second time.
I just completed my first batch of the Apple Pie Moonshine and it smells and tastes delicious.
I updated the page above and added some more info about Everclear which will answer the first part of your question.
I have drank some good Apple Pie Shine and it was very hard to find recently so we experimented with it until the flavor was on the money.
I took the basic apple pie recipe and traded the apple cider for another flavored cider and then matched the flavor of the juice.
If any one else reads this and have them can u send as well if she dont read this.
Vodka 360 makes an amazing Cherry Vodka that tastes as if you plucked the cherry fresh from the tree.
But no you wouldnt nead yeast unless your making your own moonshine from scratch.
I would like the receipe to make shine and allso thereceioe for apple pie and also the one they call apple crisp.
I live in Western NC and every ABC Store I go into has shelves full of it and I have a bottle of 190 proof in my kitchen that I bought at the one below my house recently.
Id love the latest and greatest recipe for apple pie moonshine using 151 everclear.
You would have to add the apple and cinnamon later because after you distill you basically have a neutral spirit.
Some flavors might come through depending on the cuts the distiller made but more likely he used an apple flavoring like I use that is clear.
It still has that nice kick to it tho so this recipe will be good for the ladies i know since they usually dont like the strong stuff too much.
I have tried a couple ways of doing it the only thing EXTRA i add is some vanilla extract 3 table spoons full to the pot and that kicks in a whole new better taste.
I tend to pour it back into the plastic apple juice jugs and store it in the fridge.
Apple juice is juice that has been filtered to remove solids and pasteurized so that it will stay fresh longer and is generally made from concentrates.
I am so glad I have someone who agrees with me that cider is a completely differnt ball game.
Fixing to make another batch using Honey instead of sugar and twice the moonshine .
We pressed several gallons of fresh picked apples and made into shine as well with 190 Everclear.
I think the more fresh fruit and products used to make the shine the better true taste you get.
I understand this will be less smooth and tasty due to the higher alcohol content.
Hi when you boil the apple juice and the cider and you add the cinnamon sticks do you use the same sticks in jar again or do you add a new one to each jar can you let me know thanks.
I am brewing my first batch and can hardly wait to start sipping the fruits of my labor.
I wanted to let you know that I live in Alabama and I just purchased 190 proof Everclear.
So the information about it being illegal in the state of Alabama is simply not true.
What is your take on putting in a cup or two of brown sugar and would you store it in a oak barrel if you had one for a week or two.
I actually found 151 proof Everclear at a local market in Central Valley of California.
I add about 12 whole cloves to the pot as it cooks on the stove with the cinnamon sticks.
If you look in every liquor store you will see this brand moonshine along with a few others.
I was thinking about putting apple slices in the jar and maybe leaving g the cinnamon stick in.
I have left the cinnamon sticks in the jars and have had one gentleman tell me its too strong.
I am going to make my first batch this weekend and I am looking forward to trying it.
Local orchard sells peach cider and going to try to make it with peach cider and white grape peach juice.
When it cools to about 90 degrees is when I add the vanilla and the 750 Ml bottle of 190 proof everclear.
Got all fired up to try this and when I went to the ABC store they informed me the state of Va n N Car do not sell Everclear and have not for the past several years.
Can I just pour this straight into mason jars and twist the lids on or do I need to use a canner and can it properly like you would fruit jam etc.
The State of Montana has lower BAC limits for minors and drivers of commercial vehicles.
Whiskey and putting a few sticks of cinnamon in it and age it for a couple of months.
I have loved moonshine for years and I smell it all the time where I live cooking away in the woods.
Hi I need help getting started i have a 4 gal still need help from start to finish.
I use 40lbs of dextrose in 14gals of water 2 packs of turbo power yeast and I carbon clear it for the best I can make.
I added the everclear when the mix was completely cooled down so it wouldnt cook any alchol out.
Touch of vanilla was added and like a lot of folks It did turn out a tad sweet for my taste.
Even for personal consumption Control for the sake of control as the law serves no other purpose than to line the govts.
A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog shine.
Followed your recipe but did decide to add the 3T of Vanilla extract after reading down all the comments.
I made some Apple Pie Moonshine for the first time with the recipe stated at the beginning of this page and it turned out great.
I choose to stick with store bought 80 proof Moonshine for consistency but thought about adding a little Everclear or Spirytus to increase the content a little.
Also make sure your source pitches the first shot coming out of the still it can be poisonous.
Asking your sources a lot of questions is a good idea before you drink what they make.
I was just wondering if i needed to put the mason jars into boiling water to seal them.
Il give someone my email if you want to send me the recipe for pumpkin pie that way.
Applejack Whiskey and I was wondering if it would be a good addition to the recipe.
Just wanted to know if someone else has tried it before I waste a bottle of Applejack.
I try to keep some tucked away in my closet but 12 jars RARELY last longer than a couple of weeks.
It would add more kick if your looking for it as well as let you have the cinnamon flavor and gold decor lol.
Want to make sure it is ok to still drink if it sits in refrigerator for a few months.
Made it and poured it up yesterday and planned on giving it out for Christmas and New Years.
I have really enjoyed this website reading all the different versions of Apple Pie Moonshine.
I have noticed that there seems to be some questions as to the final proof of your recipe and I would like to offer my input.
Apples are best taken late varieties and home since the early varieties and magazine imported apples are not as flavorful.
I would certainly love it emailed to me as well but just think it would be easier to post where all could see .
I made a batch in Nov 2011 and just broke out my last jar about a week ago after noticing it in my shed.
I anyone has some recipes that they would like to share i would love to have them.
Also any additions to the stock applie pie recipe that make great variations i would love to know.
RP and any other contributor to this site I would like to try some other recipes and would be grateful for anyone that would be willing to send me theirs.
I just threw some in the jars for the first time and was curious as to what may happen in the coming days.
Popcorn lived real close to us up here in East TN and you need to use real corn licker to make the Apple Pie taste right.
I cut the recipe in half but use more sugar and cook it to a boil then let it cool outside in the cold.
Popcorns legal stuff is cut down to 93 proof so you need to use 8 ounces of shine to make it taste right per large mason jar.
RP I would love a copy of that apple pie shine recipe and any others ya got as well.
Remaining 8 i strained thru fine mesh strainer adding 5 used and 3 new cinn sticks to jars before wrenching lids on jars.
Add sugar slowly and keep stirring to keep sugar from sticking to bottom and burning.
I wanted an end result that tasted of a home made Peach Cobbler with the crystalized sugar topping so i used the dark brown sugar.
Product is not transparent as the Peach puree allows tiny bits of peach left in the mixture.
I couldnt tell the difference between a batch that sat 48 hours and a batch that has sat for 2 months.
Looking for Don Woods Apple Cinnamon Moonshine recipe he made on the show Moonshiners.
I am just starting to make my first apple pie batch and am looking for more recipes.
Pour it into your fermenter and finish filling with cool water to cool it down to 80 degrees.
Allow to cool to lukewarm then add water to make five gallons total and all other ingredients except yeast to primary fermentation vessel.
Then you can cook it off in your still and you have the smoothest whiskey you have ever tasted.
Shake it up once a day for about 3 months and then filter it through a coffee filter for a beautiful amber color.
Sweet feed has several different grains and molasses making it a great tasting whiskey.
Put enough feed to cover bottom of 5 gallon bucket a good 4 inches deep Add 5 pounds of sugar.
Add the yeast after it has cooled to the recommended temperature on the yeast label.
Some folks leave the solids in the pillow case and tie it off where it will not touch the bottom of the still.
Place a bubbler in the top of the jar when it stops bubbling the mix is ready to distill or is a very good wine that taste like pears.
If you could please send me your other recipes for other fruit thank you so much in advance.
I would love to have recipes for other fruit moonshine if you could send them I would appreciate it thanks.
I think the original recipe is good if you wanted something as strong as a whine cooler.
I add only a liter of 160 proof shine to the recipe of 1 gallon of juice and cider will it be weak.
I can taste the alcohol very strong and very little flavor and I stored in a dark cool place any suggestions so I can have the apple pie flavor and not liquor taste.
I made a batch last night and when I got home this morning there is a lot of brown stuff floating in the jars at the bottom.
I would just like to know why apple pie and other moonshine is normally stored in mason jars.
Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come.
Hoping to head out to the desert on new years so this should make it a little more fun.
There is about an inch from the brim on every jar so there is a bit of headspace.
I only put some raisins in the first batch and a cinnamon stick in 10 of the 12 jars.
Try the the Beer Labelizer and Jam Labelizer by the groovy Kiwi graphics designer Andy Biggs.
I print my labels on regular paper then adhere them to the glass by brushing a small amount of milk on to the glass and pressing on the label.
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I thought this recipe would be better with out cinnamon sticks although a friend said I should use them.
They lasted about a year till my older children figured out they had a proof to them.

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